About Us

The Songcraft Studio is an organisation dedicated to supporting and developing singer-songwriters of all ages, backgrounds and ability levels through tuition and coaching.

We offer a range of services including tuition in guitar, songwriting, music theory and music production, and coaching for songwriters. We also offer specialist services for young people, including preparation for GCSE or A-Level music.

Our programme covers a wide range of styles including folk, rock, pop and blues. Our guiding principle is that everything we do has creativity, expression and enjoyment at its heart.

We offer home visit lessons within London and inside the M25. Alternatively, you can visit our home studio in Watford (2 minutes walk from Watford Junction railway station). We can also offer Skype lessons worldwide.

The Songcraft Studio is run by Martin Lloyd Chitty, an experienced singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist. Martin has a BA in Music Technology and is studying for an MA in Music Education. If you would like to find out more about Martin and his music, you can find his website here: www.martinlloydchitty.com

Songwriting Tuition

Acquire and enhance your songwriting skills via a programme tailored to your ability level and musical interests.

In addition to learning the techniques of songwriting, you will benefit from support and feedback on your own songs and compositions.

Latest Blog Posts

  • A Place to Write
    Your environment is a very important consideration when it comes to creativity. Trying to write songs in an environment where you can’t get into a focused creative mood can be harmful and frustrating. Consistently doing this can create negative associations which could put you off creativity altogether.
  • Coming up with Lyrical Ideas
    There are countless different topics that you can write a song about. In spite of this, and the vast variety and richness of lived experience, we can sometimes struggle to find inspiration for writing.
  • Lyrics, Melody or Chords: Which Comes First?
    The question of “Which came first – the lyrics or the music” is almost as ubiquitous as the whole chicken/egg debate. It’s a question that songwriters are often asked, and there really does not seem to be a consensus either way.