OnlineCoursesCircle Our affordable Online Courses cover the basics of songwriting and composition, in addition to a range of advanced songwriting techniques.

Online Courses

OneToOneCircle One-to-One Tuition with an experienced songwriter provides tailored learning across a range of topics, carried out either in person or online.

One-to-One Tuition

SongwritersCoachingCircle If you are already writing, Songwriter Coaching sessions provide a supportive environment for you to develop and refine your music.

Songwriter Coaching


The Songcraft Studio is an organisation dedicated to supporting and developing songwriters of all ages, backgrounds and ability levels. We offer online courses, one-to-one tuition and songwriter coaching.

Our programme has been carefully put together with creativity,  expression and enjoyment at its heart. In addition to songwriting, we cover related topics such as music production, arranging, singing and performance.

The Songcraft Studio is run by Martin Lloyd Chitty, an experienced singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Lancaster, UK. If you would like to find out more about Martin and his music, you can find his website here: www.martinlloydchitty.com